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How To Get More From The Hallmark Holidays - The Most Important Question You Can Ask

Holidays are a great time to appreciate the people in your life, take some time off, and relax. Unfortunately, all too often, they become a time of stress, catching up on household items, rushing from place to place, finding "that perfect gift", and probably eating food that drains our bodies just a bit.

Believe me, next time you are standing in line rushing to buy a last minute gift the day before the holiday comes, just look behind you and you will see me there too. I never pass judgement. If you are reading this blog, you are probably an achiever, and as an achiever, sometimes things like a Mother's Day gift get lost in the shuffle.

So how do we get more juice out of these Holidays with less stress? By asking ourselves the single, most important question you can ask yourself on any holiday.

"What is this holiday supposed to remind me to do on a more consistent basis throughout the year?"

Without even knowing it, you have probably been asking yourself this on both your birthday and on New Years Eve/Day. Your brain immediately says, "I'm another year older, time to start eating healthier every day," or "It's a new year, time to start spending more time with my kids before they are all grown up." On holidays where the focus isn't on ourselves, we tend to just add it as another task on our "to do" list.

Thanksgiving is not a holiday where we need to show our gratitude, it is a day to remind us that we should spend more time throughout the year being grateful. Christmas is not just a time to give gifts, but it is a day to remind us to be more generous and joyful through the year. As a husband, I know that it is not the flowers on Valentines day that really matter, but sincere displays of caring and gratitude on the random Tuesday's that really matter (note: still buy flowers.)

So next time you are faced with a Hallmark Holiday, take a minute to find the reminder. Now, grab your planner and take action. Find the next holiday and write:

"What is this holiday supposed to remind me to do on a more consistent basis throughout the year?"

Then start doing that thing NOW! You will find that next years holiday is much less stressful because you have taken action consistently all year, similar to the way that eating healthy and exercising consistently make your annual physical less stressful

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