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International Podcast Day - Our TOP 5 Podcasts

September 30 is International Podcast Day, and every year, I like to use it as a chance to look back and see which topics are not only the most listened to, but also the most shared (which in my head means they are "THE BEST.")

It's always surprising to see which ones rank in the top 5. Here they are...have you heard them all?

Our Top 5 Podcasts For Achieving Results (2019 Edition)

Number 5 - The Art Of The Introduction

Achieve Results NOW! Podcast Episode 121

Funny as it sounds, our 5th Top episode isn't about achieving results for yourself at all! It's about deepening our relationships by learning how to properly connect and introduce other people. There is so much more to an introduction than making sure you PRONOUNCE THEIR NAME CORRECTLY!!! If you haven't yet, be sure to check out this episode!


Number 4 - The Power Of Mindset With Kelvin RingoldAchieve Results NOW! Podcast Episode 070

Kelvin Ringold is an inspiration to many, a good friend, and an overall GREAT guy. He is truly someone who I, and many others around the world, consider as a MASTER OF MINDSET. In this episode, Kelvin talks about the importance of a positive mindset. There are some unbelievably great gems in this interview. Be sure to check it out, and also, learn more about Kelvin at


Number 3 - F.E.A.RAchieve Results NOW! Podcast Episode 087

As achievers, Fear is something we are constantly dealing with. Maybe its starting something new, or just pushing something we are currently doing to that next level of success. Whatever fear you are facing right now, this step by step, action oriented podcast will put you on the path to leaving your fears in the dust!


Number 2 - TIME To Achieve Your Goals

Achieve Results NOW! Podcast Episode 114

The NUMBER 1, UNDENIABLE CHAMPION for excuses that we use on a day to day basis is "not enough time." This can be caused by fear of moving forward (addressed in Podcast 087 above), having too much on your plate, or just failing to prioritize. Whatever your time limitation in, we break through the barriers of time and talk about how to control it as your greatest resource in this episode.


Number 1 - How To Take More VacationsAchieve Results NOW! Podcast Episode 106

One of my PERSONAL FAVORITES. We all wish we could take more or longer vacations. Getting away from the day to day stress sounds like an awesome thing to do, so why not do it more often? Listen to this episode to learn how to take more, and make the most of your time away from stress!


And that does it for the TOP 5 listened to and shared podcasts from Achieve Results NOW! through International Podcast Day 2019! In just these 5 episodes we cover everything from relationships, to mindset, to vacations. If you aren't subscribed yet, please join our amazing community of achievers who listen every week for actionable steps you can take to up your game and live the life you are capable of!

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