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(Mark And Theron - In That Order)

Hey everyone, and welcome to Achieve Results NOW!  That's us, Mark and Theron. 


Why the black and white picture?

Believe us, it's not often that we both get sunburn on the same day.  This was a rare occasion.  But we said we were going to take a picture for our "about us" episode, and rather than put it off until we were regular color, we took action....NOW! (actually "then," but you get the point"

And that is really what Achieve Results NOW! is about.  

It's about now waiting around for perfection, and not expecting everything to be perfect.  Success is messy, and too many people get hung up worrying about setting the right goals and making the perfect plan, when in reality, what they need is ACTION NOW! 

Did we mention that NOW! is an important part of the concept.  

What makes us different for all the other podcasts?  In each episode, you will walk away with actions.  Actual STEPS you can take THAT DAY to start achieving life shifting results.  

Ready to stop planning and dreaming and to start taking action?  Here are your first 3 ACTIONS!

1.  Subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes or Google Play.  

2.  Download your FREE Copy of our E-Book "Ignite Results - 4 Simple Daily Actions To Life Shifting Results"

3.  Join our FREE Community of achievers on Facebook

Don't come back and do these later.  Do it NOW! and start creating the life you have been dreaming about.  See you on the podcast!

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