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Recommended Resources

Looking for a jump start? 


Could you invest just 5 minutes a day for 7 days?  Success By Sunday gives you 7 specific actions to take over a 7 day period to help you achieve results NOW!  

If you are new to journaling, or just looking for some structure, this is a phenomenal tool.  Five minutes in the morning, five minutes in the evening, and pre-set questions to answer.  Very little creativity needed.  All laid out for you and a great way to build the habit of journaling!

True Lemon packets have been a life saver, literally!  The benefits to adding lemon to your water are endless.  These add a kick to your water, and avoid you the trouble of carrying a lemon and a knife around everywhere you go.  AWESOME!

Four sigmatic mushroom coffee offers more sustained energy than you will get from regular coffee without the coffee crash or coffee jitters.  This is more beneficial than coffee in several ways, and the flavor is great!

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