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So The First Week Was A Bust....Now What?

Maybe "bust" is a strong word. Lets just say that, from personal experience, I know that not everyone has followed through with their new years resolutions so far. Of the people who have, I know some of you are not seeing the immediate results that you wanted and may be getting discouraged. (Living the life of your dreams can be hard.) And then, I bet there are the select few of you who are ROCKING your New Year Action Plan, and are probably getting ready to reward yourself with a slice of pizza.

Regardless of which group you fall into, the next few days are VITAL to your success. According to research, approximately 2/3 of people who set resolutions quit before the end of the first month. Here are a couple of pro tips to get you re-started, re-focused, and re-motivated.

1. Re-Visit Your Goal

Did you set goals? Do you really want to achieve the goals you set, or did you just set it because you felt like you should? This sounds like a dumb question, but really ask yourself. Maybe you don't "want" to lose weight because you view it as involving large amounts of sacrifice. Maybe setting a goal to start participating in a physical activity you enjoy would be a better goal. Taking a 30 minute walk with my lovely wife four times a week sounds way more enjoyable than "losing weight." Take a good look at your goals, and revise as necessary.

2. Re-Visit Your "Why"

We have said it before. SUCCESS IS HARD WORK. Then why the heck are you doing it? People who remember their reason for setting the goal in the first place are more likely to achieve it. The more powerful the reason, the higher the odds that you will stick to it.

3. Re-Visit Your Plan

Maybe running 30 miles a day with no running history was a bad plan. Maybe you didn't really want to cut out your latte to save $3.00 per day. Even if your "why" is strong, you aren't likely to find water running to the desert. See what worked, change what didn't.

And Most Importantly.....

Remember that you are a work in progress. Bumps in the road happen. Goals are never achieved on the first try (unless they are weak and easy goals.) Having trouble with a specific goal? Email me at Aim high, stay focused, and achieve results now!

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