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The Brent Loyd Interview

In this Episode:

Brent is a Navy SEAL that has served 7 tours and 14 years of special operations. His new mission is as a philanthropist.

About Brent Loyd:

After serving 7 tours and having 14 years of special operations, Brent Loyd is no stranger to adversity, trauma, leadership, and accountability. He has since returned and found America to be different than when he left. He is on a mission to bring communities together across America, to plant seeds of healing and create safe spaces for people to be themselves.

Having been a part of missions like, International Network of Hearts, The Casualty Care Coalition, Compassion Services International and numerous philanthropic endeavors around the world some here in the middle of being at the Tip of the Spear on the War on Terrorism he’s got a lot of hurt, but a wealth of stories he was able to collect along the way. While he may not know a lot about a lot of things, he is a treasure trove of knowledge in other ways. He loves to share wisdom distilled through these experiences about communication, trauma, and his mission to heal. He speaks about the enormously important topics where others may proceed with caution. He has worked closely with our nation’s leaders and top performers to execute missions with laser precision, like a scalpel… and been responsible for large explosions and messes, sometimes unplanned. Through that, he has learned to adapt, manage, and overcome the obstacles of life and shares his wisdom with others graciously.

Brent offers entertainment, enlightenment and unique perspectives not found anywhere else.

“Do what you can, when you can.”

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