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The Daniel Botero Interview

Episode 193– The Daniel Botero Interview

In this Episode:

Daniel is the founder of The Mastering College to Career Academy, a step by step guide to graduating college with a job. He is an Author, Podcaster, and personal brand expert. He believes that relationships are the true currency.

About Daniel Botero:

Best Selling Author:

· Mastering College to Career -A modern guide to landing your dream job before graduation

· Can you imagine spending 4-6 of the best years of your life in college and graduating without a job? Unfortunately, this is the reality for many people. Studies show that 2 out of 3 students’ graduate college without a job lined up, and 40% of students never work in a job that requires their degree.

· By reading this book, you will learn how to avoid becoming part of these statistics and instead learn how to graduate college with your dream job.

International Keynote Speaker:

· Mastering College to Career Keynote

· As a speaker who has addressed students from over 30 Universities and reached thousands of young people, Daniel is the perfect speaker for schools and organizations that are serious about getting their students jobs!

· My interactive speech delivers practical strategies that can be used immediately by students to take away their fear of graduating without a job and instead teach them how to land their dream job. Students will learn:

· How to perform a self-assessment that will give them clarity about their future

· How to strategically plan their college career to become the ideal candidate

· Why landing their dream job is an open book test

· A networking strategy that will help them land the interview

· How to stand out among the hundreds of other students applying for the same job

· How to land their dream job!

Top Rated Podcaster:

In this podcast, we help take away the fear of graduating without a job and instead teach you how to master college and land your dream job! We explore topics such as networking, interviewing, resume writing, and many more. Not only do I speak on these topics, but I also interview other subject matter experts including CEO’s, University Presidents, and Industry Experts. I also interview college students as well in hopes that you will relate to at least one of their stories. If you are a college student looking to get ahead, look no further! To contact Daniel:


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