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ARN Podcast Episode 4 - Waking Up On The Right Side Of The Bed

Thanks for visiting the Achieve Results Now Podcast. The podcast that gives you immediate actions you can take to start seeing life shifting results now!


1. Rewriting your goals every day.

Write your top 3-5 goals every day.Don’t overdo it.Just one or two quick sentences to keep your goals on top of your mind.We are going to focus in on the three most common areas of improvement.

  • Health – Without your health, you’re dead. What can you do to improve your health? Adding a habit is easier than breaking a habit. Try to set a goal for what you can do more of instead of what you should stop doing.

  • Relationships – Relationship goals are frequently prioritized at the bottom because there is the smallest perceived consequence. A few notes on relationship goals:

  • Relationship goals should be how YOU CAN improve, not how others should improve or how you can improve them

  • Relationship goals are hard to quantify. Set self-improvement goals to help you become the type of person you need to be to deserve the relationships you want.

  • Income

  • Income goals are typically put first in terms of priority. People sacrifice health and relationships for income more often than not.

  • Everybody wants “more” income. Income is sometimes limited by our salaries or time. If the goal is more income, the most important questions is “how can I add more value” either to your current career, in a new career, or in your own business.

Writing your goals daily will help you to see what is working and what isn’t. Goals can change over time or change to make them more clear, or more motivating. Keeping goals fresh in your mind helps your subconscious seek out and find opportunities to achieve them.

2. Rewarding yourself along the way

If you want a puppy to repeat a positive behavior, you have to reward her. We are very similar. When you set a goal and achieve it, or achieve progress towards it, reward yourself.

Some tips on rewarding yourself:

  • Don’t reward yourself with something that sets you back in the achievement of your goals. A cheat meal on Sunday is a better reward than a week-long binge. A day off from exercise to go get a massage is better than taking a week off to let your body heal. Don’t let your reward set you back to square one.

  • Plan your reward ahead of time. What are you going to do for yourself if you achieve your goal, or progress toward its attainment? Be sure it is something you look forward to. You never want to “wing it” when it comes to rewarding yourself. Planning to buy yourself a new watch when you achieve your income goal, rather than saying “I’ll figure out what to buy when I get to the mall” will help you avoid “over-celebrating.”

Now For Our Action Steps:

  1. Write down your top 3 goals for the week. Right now! What is are your health, relationship, and income goals for this week? Get a notebook and write them every day this week.

  2. Plan how you are going to reward yourself. Planning the reward will both give you something to look forward to, and help keep you from “overdoing” it.

Take action and put your results in the comments. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and share this with someone who you think could benefit from it. Thanks for listening!

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