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Mom-Fighter-Coach: The Trisha Cicero Interview

In this Episode:

In this Achieve Results Now podcast episode, the hosts interview Trisha Cicero, a martial artist turned online health coach. Trisha shares her journey from starting martial arts at a young age to becoming a professional MMA fighter and eventually transitioning into health coaching. She discusses the importance of consistency in achieving fitness goals and offers tips on tracking nutrition and staying motivated. Trisha also emphasizes the need to prioritize self-care and make time for exercise, even during busy periods. She introduces the concept of habit stacking, which involves combining tasks to make them more manageable. Trisha provides additional resources, including her podcast and Facebook community, for those interested in learning more about her coaching services.


Trisha Cicero is a Certified Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, 5th Degree Black Belt and former Professional MMA Fighter. She specializes in helping women lose weight and get stronger without doing extreme diets or cutting out their favorite foods. She is a mom of a 2-year-old girl who was able to lose and keep off 60lbs postpartum using the same methods she teaches her clients to do through her signature coaching program.

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ARN Podcast Ep. 020: The Trisha Cicero Interview – 2017

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