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The Gratitude Summit

In this Episode:

In this episode, we talk with Darryl Sanford II, along with Dan and Stacy Chilbert about gratitude, and how you can use gratitude as a tool to make 2021 your best year yet!

About Gratitude Summit:

If your life is not going your way right now or hasn’t in a long while, we have something for you to try. And… it’s guaranteed to work!

Gratitude should be developed into a habit of thinking and then being. At ARN we work really hard to be grateful every day. Like most of us, we fail from time to time. Recharging your batteries through physical and mental relaxation is base requirement for optimal health. However, what you do and what you focus your mind on, can and will have a significant difference in your outcome.

With all of this in mind, we felt we wanted to bring back a few of our previous guests of our podcast that we feel show gratitude in a very meaningful way. We wanted to learn from them, and in turn, we hope you are learning right along with us.

We hope you enjoy this episode and share it with others.

Thanks for being part of our ARN family.

Theron & Mark

About Darryl Sanford:

Darryl Sanford II, a certified trainer, and self-proclaimed “Professional Nudgier” with the John Maxwell organization. If you are part of a business or family, we talk about the leadership skills required to thrive in both, and how you can put them into practice NOW!

Know yourself to grow yourself.

Darryl Sanford II – Speaker, Trainer, Coach

Darryl has worked with multiple companies, helping people get on the path of growth, fulfillment, and happiness. He has been a follower of Dr. John C. Maxwell and his teachings for over 20 years believing in the leadership examples that John has developed and taught. He became a member of the John Maxwell Team in 2017.

Podcast Interview:

To contact Darryl:

Darryl’s Special Offer:

Free coaching session giveaway.

About Dan Chilbert:

Dan has been a schoolteacher for the past 26 years, owns a custom apparel business with his wife and most recently he and his wife have become Proctor Gallagher Institute Consultants, which is the focus of our talk today.

A message from Dan and Stacey:

I have been an elementary school teacher in Liverpool for over 26 years. Stacey and I have owned and operated Empire Specialty Printing for 10 years, a custom apparel business that focuses on screen printing, heat pressed vinyl, and embroidery. However, we also deal in promotional products. In addition to this, Stacey and I became Proctor Gallagher Institute Consultants in June of 2019. What it is that we have to offer through PGI can literally help everyone. Regardless of anyone's current level of achievement, we all have things that are holding us back from going even further. Helping people to transform themselves to achieve all they want is what we can do.

“We define ourselves by what we can’t do.”

Personally, Stacey and I have been married for 27 years. We have 4 awesome kids, ranging from 26 years old down to 19. Maddy, our oldest, is the Director of Events for The Reading League. Jacqueline just finished her 2nd year of law school at SU. Danny is a sophomore at Oswego, and Jillian is a freshman at LeMoyne College.

An offer from Dan and Stacey:

Thank you to all of Theron & Mark’s loyal listeners! Stacey & I were so honored to be a part of this Gratitude Summit, that we’d like to show our thanks by making this offer to you: Anyone that requests to join our Mind Shift 180 Facebook group as a result of this podcast will be able to receive a free 30 minute coaching call with us. We cannot wait to see you in the group!

Podcast Interview:

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