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The Darryl Sanford II Interview-Part 2

The Darryl Sanford II Interview-Part 2

We interviewed Darryl Sanford II, a certified trainer, and self-proclaimed “Professional Nudgier” with the John Maxwell organization. If you are part of a business or family, we talk about the leadership skills required to thrive in both, and how you can put them into practice NOW!

Know yourself to grow yourself.

Darryl Sanford II – Speaker, Trainer, Coach

Darryl has worked with multiple companies, helping people get on the path of growth, fulfillment, and happiness. He has been a follower of Dr. John C. Maxwell and his teachings for over 20 years believing in the leadership examples that John has developed and taught. He became a member of the John Maxwell Team in 2017.

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Special Gift from Darryl: Leading Through Crisis Mastermind

The 1st 10 people to contact us will receive a free Live interactive course from Darryl on Leading Through Crisis

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