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ARN Podcast Episode 7 - Why We WANT You To Fail....

Failure can have positive results…with the proper mindset.

Thank you for listening to the Achieve Results Now Podcast. The podcast that gives

you immediate actions you can take to start seeing life shifting results now! In this

episode, we tell you why we are happy when you are failing.

Key Notes from The Podcast:

  • You can’t fail if you don’t try. Taking the first step is scary, but crucial to your success

  • Failure gives you feedback. To achieve results, you MUST learn to use that feedback, positive or negative, to your advantage.

  • The night is darkest before the dawn. People often give up on their goals INCHES from the finish line. Push through the failure and achieve!

  • The Achieve Results Community is made up of, and run by, people who fail (a lot.) You are in good company. Use our community to find motivation, answers, and drive!

Action Step for The Week:

  • This week’s action is simple, but not easy. Go do something that you have been postponing due to fear of failure. Maybe it is a new workout, investment in a training program, or a tough conversation you need to have with someone. If you succeed, great. If you fail, that’s ok. Take the feedback and try again.

Your Turn:

Achieve Results Now is about taking ACTION. Comment and let us know what action you took. Did you succeed or fail? What did you learn?

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