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ARN Podcast Episode 9 - The Most Dangerous Distraction

Thank you for listening to the Achieve Results Now Podcast. The podcast that gives

you immediate actions you can take to start seeing life shifting results now! In this

episode, we talk about the most dangerous distraction!

Questions Answered In This Podcast

- Everybody, achievers and non-achievers, are faced with distractions.

- What three things feed our mind on a daily basis?

- How do achievers use distraction to their advantage?

- A better way to stay informed than watching or listening to the news.

Action Step For The Week

- Our goal at Achieve Results Now is to help you take action. This weeks action step is to take a look at all of the actions you are consciously taking on a daily or weekly basis to distract yourself, and choose JUST ONE that you can convert to a positive action!

Your Turn

- Talk to us. Did you like this episode? If so, leave us a review on iTunes. What do you want more of?

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