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The Diana Nightingale Interview


Diana Nightingale, affectionately known as, The First Lady of Transformation, is an author, international speaker, founder of The Nightingale Academy and the widow of Earl Nightingale.

Diana began her speaking career in the 1970’s, speaking at State Level venues as an advocate for inner-city teens; she served on the Lee County Mental Health Association, in Ft Myers Florida where she co-founded a 24-hour help line.

After marrying Earl Nightingale, she recognized the value of his messages and wanted to make them more readily available to everyone, and together, she and Earl formed Keys Publishing in 1987, with the mission statement: “Unlocking doors through education.”

Since the passing of Earl Nightingale in 1989, Diana has dedicated her life to the continuation of the work they started together and has recently created, The Nightingale Academy. In one of his programs, Earl Nightingale says that if one, “…spends one extra hour of study per day, you will become a national expert in five years.” Through the Academy, we make it easy to accomplish becoming an expert in how to live your life more successfully.”

"We become what we think about." - Earl Nightingale

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