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The Lisa Eklund Interview

In this Episode:

Lisa Eklund is an equestrian performance coach/trainer and a business coach/consultant. Her personal journey and passion for mindfulness and self-awareness has led her to develop a unique style of coaching, consulting, teaching, and training.

About Lisa Eklund:

Lisa has 35 years of experience and training in the equine industry,18 years as a professor in the SUNY Morrisville Equine Science and Management program, business experience (both as an entrepreneur and counselor for The WISE Women’s Business Center), combined with her training and certification (Certified Professional Coach CPC) from the International Coach Academy give Lisa a strong foundation in both training, teaching, consulting and coaching.

I love change and trying new things. I used to think maybe it was a bad thing to leave something and start anew. Was I always giving up? Was I a quitter? But no, I was not, and I am not. I am someone who thrives on creating a vision, starting things, and putting my all in to get them going so others can carry them forward.

I am a very curious person by nature, and I love to brainstorm lots of ideas and decide which I should test out and which I should let go. I am a creative person too and I really love gardening. It nourishes my creative, visionary spirit. When I start plants from seed, I never truly know what results I will get. I never plant the same exact thing twice in the same place from year to year. So, I take a risk that it may look great or not so much. But that is okay as I learn from my mistakes and the beautiful accidents, I get are well worth it! I am always rewarded with a beautiful garden oasis that has its own unique personality each year.

This is the spirit that I bring to my coaching and my business and equestrian clients, meeting them where they are and supporting them in finding who they genuinely want to be. I brainstorm with them and help them find their vision and give themselves permission to make a change. I then help support them in developing their curiosity, creativity, and confidence to start and run successful businesses or make positive changes in their riding. I bring my mindfulness training to help clients learn to pause, be more present and connect to their inner selves. What a perfect fit this is for me and my clients! I get to be part of creating new things and finding new visions on a regular basis. I support my clients in a process that is easy for me but maybe not so easy for them. Just like with my garden I plant some seeds and offer support and allow the unique beauty of my clients shine through!

I offer one-on-one coaching, group coaching, workshops and speaking opportunities.

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