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Become A Good Finder

Becoming a Good Finder is a great habit that will lead to developing better relationships in every area of your life.

As leaders, we should strive to master our people skills and work to become great team players at home and in our workplaces. To become a Good Finder, you must always try to search for all of the good qualities in your teammates, co-workers, family members and your friends.

Your main objective should be to seek, find and acknowledge each person’s positive qualities and improvements on a regular basis. You might notice that someone has improved in a particular area, or maybe you’ve noticed that they are becoming more fit and energetic. Praise them and tell them what you see. Everyone likes receiving a sincere compliment. Plus, it always feels good to share positives and to recognize the success of others.

By offering sincere praise toward others, you’ll quickly see how it builds a better level of rapport and strengthens your relationship with that person. Soon you’ll see how the people around you, begin to spot your good qualities and compliment you on your achievements as well.

“Any fool can criticize, condemn or complain and most fools do!”

- Benjamin Franklin

Don’t be a fool – Be a Good Finder! Be a force for good and ignite people’s positive energy and emotions. Search for the good and you will quickly find for the garbage and negatives, and you’ll soon find that too. You may need to dig through a ton of dirt, just to find an ounce of gold. However, you’re not looking for dirt, you are searching for gold. There’s a lot of GOLD in the people that we interact with on a daily basis. Let’s bring it to surface every day!

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