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3 Ways to be More Proactive

Habit 1: Be Proactive

In this Episode:

The Achieve Results Now podcast discusses the importance of proactivity and problem-solving. The hosts emphasize the negative effects of being reactive and highlight the need to shift from a mindset of the world happening to us happening to the world. They provide three key steps to becoming proactive: eliminating the urge to react, focusing on things within our control, and practicing visualization. The hosts stress the importance of controlling emotions and reframing obstacles as opportunities. They also encourage seeking support from others and engaging in role-playing to develop effective strategies. The episode concludes with a preview of future episodes on the seven habits of highly effective people. Overall, the podcast aims to empower listeners to take immediate action and achieve life-shifting results.

Action Steps:

1-  Eliminate your urge to be reactive.

2-  Focus on the things you can control.

3-  Practice and visualize.

Podcast Referenced:

The Book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - by Stephen Covey


ARN Suggested Reading:

Blessings In the Bullshit: A Guided Journal for Finding the BEST In Every Day – by Mark Cardone & Theron Feidt


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Discover 3 actionable steps from the Achieve Results Now podcast to shift your focus, eliminate reactivity, and visualize success. Take control and be proactive.
3 ways to be more proactive


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