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Breakdown or Breakthrough

In this Episode:

The Achieve Results Now podcast discusses the concepts of breakdowns and breakthroughs. The hosts emphasize the importance of mindset in dealing with breakdowns and how they can be temporary and short-lived. They encourage listeners to view mistakes as lessons and train their subconscious to see themselves as someone who learns from their mistakes. The podcast also highlights the significance of taking action in the present moment rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. They emphasize that every action taken is a vote for the type of person one wants to become. The hosts stress the importance of having faith in the future and taking positive action to achieve goals. They conclude by encouraging listeners to focus on having more breakthroughs and less breakdowns in their lives.

Action Steps:

1-  Past: Failure or Lesson?

2-  Present: Action or Inaction?

3-  Future: Faith or Fear?


ARN Suggested Reading:

Blessings In the Bullshit: A Guided Journal for Finding the BEST In Every Day – by Mark Cardone & Theron Feidt


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