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The Kevin Langan Interview

In this Episode:

Kevin’s philosophies; be prepared and work hard. Simple, yet extremely effective. Kevin also believes in balance in life, being responsive to people and their needs, along with creating a sense of urgency to get more done. Learn these and many other tips and suggestions on our latest interview.

About Kevin Langan:

Over 20 years of experience in shopping center leasing and development. He joined Cameron Group in 2006 and was instrumental in implementing the small shop leasing strategy at Bayonne Crossing, a 350,000 square foot power center in Bayonne, NJ. Kevin is the leasing partner for Township 5, a 500,000 SF mixed-use center in Syracuse, NY and oversees the day-to-day leasing for the project. He played a large role in convincing Costco to open their first upstate NY store at Township 5 and has been responsible for a large portion of the leasing for this project. In addition, he has shared responsibilities in leasing the entire portfolio and is the preferred broker for GNC Live Well in upstate and central NY since 2011, completing more than 20 transactions from Albany to Buffalo.

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