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The Magda Khalifa Interview

In this Episode:

Magda is a U.S. Army Combat Veteran, 1st generation American, best-selling Author, and business owner. In this interview we discuss The Freedom Triangle: Time, Health and Mind and how implementing it can greatly impact your life.

About Magda Khalifa:

Magda Khalifa, Founder of the Freedom Triangle, is a 1st-generation American, US Army combat veteran, business owner, speaker, and bestselling author of “American DREAM: Discipline, Resilience, Endurance, Adaptability, and Mentorship to Succeed and Win in Life“. After witnessing the attacks in New York City on September 11, 2001, she left her comfortable life behind to join the military. After two tours in Iraq she struggled with transition and health issues. Magda succeeded in turning her life around and shares her success path through the Freedom Triangle framework, introduced to the world in her memoir. She has since launched the first combat veteran owned fragrance line, Triangle Fragrance, featuring “Confidence” for women, and “Victory” for men. Magda continues to inspire and guide people by speaking about her unique story, perspective, and example of no-excuses, all-in tenacity, and grit.

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