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Fired up, Focused and Ready to Take Action!

On the path to achieving our goals, there are several important steps. We must create absolute clarity about our goals and consistently strive to get better and better at everything we do.

Today, let’s talk about being “Fired Up.” When we are truly Fired Up, we are excited about achieving our goals, and as much as the “work” that we must struggle through to achieve our goals may not be exciting, we charge through anyway. We are taking action toward the achievement of our Goals, even when we don’t “feel like it.”

Fired up is having a great deal of enthusiasm and energy that we are consistently aiming in the right direction.

Being Fired Up also means working to influence other people to demonstrate their passion and energy. By being fired up, we bring the fire out in others.

“Enthusiasm is contagious, and so is the lack of it!”

When we show our enthusiasm and give our best effort in

life and in everything we do, it spreads to others, and we become a positive influence.

The best way to get fired up is to review our goals DAILY, and to be sure that our goals still excite us. Set your goals, find your passion, and get FIRED UP!

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