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ARN Podcast Episode 3 - Ways To Stay Motivated - Part 1

Thanks for visiting the Achieve Results Now Podcast. The podcast that gives you immediate actions you can take to start seeing life shifting results now!

In this episode we talk about ways to stay motivated. Specifically we address improving our peer group and creating a vision board.

1. Improving Our Peer Group

Jim Rohn says, "You're The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With." As adults, we rarely take a good look at who we are spending most of our time with. It is probably even less often that we actually change who we spend time with. The first step to improving your peer group is making a list of the people you want to surround yourself with, the people you need to limit and the people you need to avoid


Eliminate - Who is sinking your ship? We all have people in our daily lives that we spend time with who, if we met at a party, we would probably not spend 5 minutes with. These people have crept their ways into your lives and overstayed their welcome. People you need to eliminate may include friends that you have outgrown, negative co-workers who deplete your energy, and even people you follow on social media who are always spewing negativity. No formal break up needed. Simply phase yourself away from these people.

Limit - People we need to limit might include close friends, family and co-workers. These are people who are positive in general, but overall, may not be 100% supportive of your goals. As achievers, we are, in several ways, risk takers. Our families and close friends care for us and want us to be safe and happy, therefore, they tend to try to pull us away from our goals. We cannot eliminate them, but we can limit the impact we allow them to have.

Add - Once you have eliminated and limited, you have some room for new friends. Who do you add? If you want to be a great tennis player, martial artist, or anything else, the quickest way to greatness is to spend time with those that are better. Make a list of a few people who you should be spending more time with and find out how you can get them in your circle.

2. Create A Vision Board - A Vision Bard is a clear picture of what you want to achieve that will push you in the right direction. The images on your vision board should be compelling and inspiring.

While it sounds overwhelming, the steps to starting are simple.

First, collect images to put on your board. This is an ongoing process. Electronically, use tools like Pinterest and Evernote to save things that inspire you. Also, from a more old fashion note, get a plain folder and clip pictures from magazines, etc that inspire you.

Second, get a board, get a glue stick, and start sticking things together. Put it someplace where you can see it every morning and every evening and look at it for 30 seconds to a minute twice a day. This will set your mental GPS and put your subconscious mind on the road to achievement.

Now for our Action Steps:

1. Make a list of 3 to 5 people you want to avoid, 3 to 5 people you are going to limit, and the top 3 to 5 people you can add to your network to up your game. Start phasing out the people you want to eliminate. Contact the people you want to add this week and set some meetings!

2. Create a Vision Board. To break it into 2 simple steps. First get a folder to put clippings in that inspire you. Then go to the store, buy a tri-fold poster board and some glue, and add at least 3 inspiring images to your vision board this week. As a bonus, involve your family and create a family vision board.

Take action and put your results in the comments. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and share this with someone who you think could benefit from it. Thanks for listening!

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