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The Life Changing Secret That Your Emojis Are Hiding

I text message.....alot. With the latest iPhone update came many, many neat new things I can do when sending messages to my friends. For example, I now have the ability to send a message with baloons, or to draw and send a digital picture. I even have the ability to play Battleship with someone over text.

One feature that caught my attention was my phone now suggesting what emoji to use when I type certain words. For example, if I type the word coffee, I get a nice Emoji suggestion.

But while typing a message to our Elite Achievers Team the other day, I saw something inspiring. A success tip HIDDEN in my Emojis. Look what happens when I type this simple word.

The word "Thanks" does not show a happy face or a picture of a "Thank You" card. It shows hands together in prayer. What a great reminder for all of us. Regardless of your religion or beliefs, most people I know have some higher power that they ask for help when they are in trouble. Their prayer usually starts with the word "Please." "Please help my team win the playoffs," or "Please help my friend through this hard time."

A good friend of mine, who is the pastor of a local church, posted this quote on Twitter the other day: "If your prayer life is driven only by what's distressing you,it may not be praying--just 'worrying in God's direction'."

Instead of asking for things, what if we simply made the daily practice to say a small Thank You Prayer? What if we took just 2 or 3 minutes a day to thank our creator for a few things that make our lives great. Maybe we are doing it wrong. Maybe the best prayer, as my iPhone suggests, is "Thank You."

When we begin our prayers with the word "Please" what we are really doing in reinforcing our problems in our subconscious. If we start our prayers with "Thank You" we are programming our brain to look for the good things and to be thankful for what we have. If focusing on our problems leads us to more problems, what do you think you would find if you focused on things you are grateful for?

Remember, at Achieve Results Now, we are about action. Please take these actions today:

1. Lets take this next week and really focus in on catching ourselves next time we "Worry in God's direction," and instead, focus in on what we are grateful for.

2. Share this post with someone who you think would enjoy it or benefit from it.

3. If you haven't yet, please download "Ignite Success" below. Its a free download, and will help you create instant lasting change.

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