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How to Win Friends: The Takeaways - Part 1

The Achieve Results Now podcast discusses personal development and leadership books that have had a significant impact on the hosts' lives. They share their top three takeaways from the book and provide actions for the audience to implement. The hosts emphasize the importance of continuous learning and self-improvement, highlighting that formal education is not necessary for success but learning and improving skills are. They discuss the value of making people feel important and offer practical tips such as using people's names and following up on their interests. The hosts also emphasize the importance of inspiring others rather than pushing them to do things. They share personal anecdotes and examples to illustrate their points and encourage listeners to incorporate these principles in their interactions with others.

Action Steps:

1-  Make people feel important.      

2-  You can’t win an argument.

3-  Inspire people.


Podcast Referenced:

The Book: How to Win Friends and Influence People - by Dale Carnegie

Pick up a copy here:

ARN Suggested Reading:

Blessings In the Bullshit: A Guided Journal for Finding the BEST In Every Day – by Mark Cardone & Theron Feidt


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Learn the important art of making people feel valued and inspire them
How to Win Friends and Influence People


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