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The Barb Stone Interview

In this Episode:

Meet Barb Stone. I am a believer in making a difference. I am committed to making a difference in people’s lives, because I am an advocate for everyone having to change and an opportunity to live their creative life to accomplish their purpose and live the full potential of their dreams. I didn’t always feel this level of confidence in myself…

About Barb Stone:

My Core Beliefs

• Opportunities are created; they are not accidental.

• It is your legacy to have a life of meaning, passion, purpose, and prosperity.

• When you make a difference with your life, you create amazing experiences in your life.

• We all get to lead our life which is different than simply managing your circumstances.

I work with individuals that are always trying to look good to get it right. This is causing performance anxiety in their life. It is costing them their relationships, health, stress, balance, creativity, and authenticity in their lives.

Ø What is the cost of perfection for you?

Ø Are you ready to find the clarity and path to live your authentic life? For you? Your team?

Ø As a leadership development coach, we can find the true leader from within for you and your team. Activate it now!

I develop training programs in leadership and positivity to meet the needs of organizations.

I have over 20 years as a proven team leader and builder who is a catalyst for organizing, defining, and achieving personal, professional, and organizational objectives.

Most importantly, I will help you to find your path!

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