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The Jake Dixon Interview

In this Episode:

Jake Dixon is the founder of The Locker Room, a real estate coaching company. We discuss a wide range of subjects from serving others, winning the day, making decisions, gaining perspective and grit.

About Jake Dixon:

Jake specializes in leadership development, executive coaching, life coaching and career development. Currently the Founder of The Locker Room - Real Estate Coaching organization that supports hundreds of coaches and leaders along with thousands of real estate agents across the country. Intensely passionate about serving others, developing leadership skills, and bringing a high level of enthusiasm to changing lives.

The Locker Room specializes in supporting leaders, coaches, and agents in the real estate industry. We are passionate about partnering with coaches & industry leaders to provide world-class coaching, systems, and resources so they can help empower the agents that they serve. We specialize in helping agents who are within their first 2 years of the business OR currently sell 24 or fewer homes per year and want to take their game to the next level. Visit to learn more!

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