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The James McEntire Interview

In this Episode:

Most business owners struggle with low sales, a lack of business growth, being overworked, underpaid and uncertain about their future. Jim guides business owners from frustration to certainty helping them build a business blueprint for their future. The majority of business owner have no written plan of how they will succeed.

About James McEntire:

I help guide business owners from their confusion to a place of certainty of what steps they need to do next to move towards their success. As a person you didn't graduate from high school without guidance and running a business was not meant for you to do it all on your own. Take these 3 steps to get your business success started. 1. Go to for a free PDF download of the 5 things that will kill your business. While you are there take a look at the many blogs on business growth. 2. Scan my site to see if you feel comfortable with my business ideas and me. 3. On my website use the contact button to schedule a free 15+ minute visit with me to determine what steps you can take right now to turn your business into the success you deserve. Working with 100's of small businesses, being a business owner, I have experienced the excitement and the heartbreak you have experienced. Research shows over 50% of businesses fail yet this doesn't have to be YOU.

I work with businesses who need to validate their business concepts, build a deeper engagement with their customers, need help moving their business forward, and those who are facing an obstacle. How do you stack the deck in your favor to succeed? Get HELP.

I may not be the person you are looking for. I only work with those individuals who are totally committed to their own success. I have learned how to run a business the hard way, running a successful business for 40 years and just recently selling it. I am a business guide and certified coach, speaker, trainer, and workshop presenter. My business Blueprint for Selling focuses on business owners who will spend the time and effort to succeed.

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