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The Mitch Mitchell Interview

In this Episode:

Mitch is an independent revenue cycle consultant for the healthcare industry. He helps hospitals generate more revenue and increase cash collections. Mitch does that through improving customer service and customer experience and putting patients first.

About Mitch Mitchell:

An independent consultant and entrepreneur since 2001, Mitch specialize in many fields that, though they seem separate, converge magnificently. Mitch is an independent revenue cycle consultant. He helps hospitals generate more revenue and increase cash collections. Unlike most health care consultants, he tackles outpatient services when it comes to revenue; it is not always about cutting expenses. He works mainly from his home office, helping clients save on expenses as much as possible.

Check this link to understand the process: Mitch is also a leadership and diversity trainer, coach and presenter. I work with individuals and companies on topics concerning working with employees (customer service, harassment, etc). Mitch is a professional speaker and presenter on multiple topics that include health care, leadership, diversity, social media, blogging and motivation. He has written two books on leadership, one on social media marketing, and have over 5,000 published articles.

Books Written by Mitch:

Embrace The Lead

Leadership Is And Isn't Easy

Book Recommendation:

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker

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