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Talking Emotional and Mental Health

In this Episode:

We sit down with Stephanie Straub, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker that helps people who are buried under the responsibilities of their roles. For example, partner, spouse, parent, employee, boss, that are holding them from back achieving, while sacrificing themselves for others.

About Stephanie Straub:

Stephanie Straub is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Private Practice Owner in Syracuse, New York. She specializes in reproductive and maternal mental health, supporting women and families throughout their perinatal journey. When she’s not working, she spends her time outdoors, watching junk reality TV, or reluctantly exercising. She is also the proud mother of two beautiful and active daughters.

My work focuses on helping my clients feel like themselves again. By increasing their confidence and shifting the expectations they place on themselves and place on others, so that they can be at their best personally and in their relationships.

I specialize in maternal mental health, supporting women who are overwhelmed and not practicing enough self-care. I help them unload the heavy backpack of depression, anxiety and self-doubt that weighs them down every day. I'm a mom too. There is a lot about this crazy journey of parenthood that I "get" because I'm right there in it with you, AND I have the training and experience to help you come up for air and start feeling better.

Although I take my work very seriously, I try to incorporate humor as much as possible, while still maintaining the level of compassion my clients need. I like to keep it real, am straightforward and consider authenticity to be one of my strong suits. What you see is what you get with me, there are no surprises (except an occasional swear word or two!).

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